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About Us

About Us

With deep expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, financial markets, project management, and government relations, Bruin is uniquely positioned to provide wholistic and outside of the box solutions for consulting clients.

For accounting clients, our streamlined, low-overhead business model allows us to deliver real accrual accounting services in line with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) at rates much more affordable for small-medium sized businesses.  Many small-medium sized companies do not have enough work or a large enough budget to have a full-time accountant on staff.  For these companies, it makes more sense to contract with a financial management company to do their monthly or quarterly accrual bookkeeping and financial statement accounting.  A financial management company like Bruin can also supply clients with easy to understand analysis reports on their financial performance.

Firm Values

We advocate for a sound money system, an end to the Dollar Ponzi Scheme, an end to the failed 40 plus year experiment in borrow and spend Reaganomics that has absolutely decimated a once great nation, the prosecution of the Federal Reserve (and its member banks and its cohorts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics) for their covert regressive taxation and upward redistribution schemes, a full independent audit of the last 70 years of Pentagon spending, a moratorium on all Pentagon spending outside of basic military salaries and infrastructure maintenance until we can figure out what happened, mandatory disclosures of media entities' relationships with government contractors and sub-contractors in all publications and broadcasts, raising taxes on owners of business robots while ensuring the right to own such robots, and the equal distribution of all US gold reserves to US citizens.

Our Leadership

Ryan Carmichael - Chief Economist and Principal

Ryan provides services in financial analysis and economic research in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He earned an MBA from Cal Poly and passed the CPA Exam in California.  His other credentials include a BA from San Diego State where he majored in political science, a Professional Certificate in Intellectual Property from UC San Diego, passing the Real Estate Exam in California, and an additional 600 college classroom hours in law and accounting.  He is a member of the T10 MBA and Golden Key honor societies.

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